Out and About Adventures — Upcoming

This is a tentative schedule of events coming in 2017. More detail will follow.

Charles Schulz Museum
Charles M. Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, February 2017
Train of Lights
Train of Lights, Niles Canyon Railway, December 2016
San Francisco Fleet Week
Fleet Week, San Francisco, October 2016
Chardonnay Cruise
Chardonnay Cruise, Santa Cruz, September 2016

Out & About is a ministry of Bethel Lutheran Church crafted to provide fellowship activities for Bethel members and friends. The interval of events is monthly and we vary the offerings to be inclusive of different age groups and physical abilities. Most are open to all ages, but occasionally we’ll program adult-only events. On all of our outings, a new attendee gets to ride the bus for free. Please invite lots—this is a great way for folks to check out this community called Bethel.

Micro Brewery Outing in Santa Cruz

Beers Saturday, March 18
Join us for our 6th annual St. Paddy’s Day Microbrewery Tour. This year we will be exploring the breweries and pour houses in the Santa Cruz area. Our first stop is an old favorite: Beer 30[Offsite Link]. Enjoy one of their many beers on tap, play some table tennis or corn hole, then grab some lunch at Carpos[Offsite Link] right next door or BBQ to order at the Fish Lady[Offsite Link]. Next stop is the Shanty Shack[Offsite Link]. This is a small, relatively new microbrewery that was introduced to Bethel members who went on last fall’s Chardonnay Cruise. Lastly we’ll stop at the Pour Taproom[Offsite Link]. This unique establishment allows you to try many different kinds of beer while paying by the ounce—even if you want “just a taste.” Still hungry? The Pour Taproom also has a great menu[Offsite Link] with many items to share!
  • Meet: Bethel Parking lot, Saturday, 3/18 at 10:45
  • Fuel Cost: $5 pp (Cash or check made out to “Bethel Lutheran Church”)
  • Other Costs: For beer at each stop and lunch
  • Food: Lunch options at Carpos or Fishlady (next to Beer 30), and The Pour Taproom
  • Return: Back to Bethel by 5:15
  • Contact: Molly Schrey
Sign up online[Offsite Link] or in the narthex

Golden Gate Park Outing

Saturday, April 22
This is the SF/Golden Gate Park “Triavenganza” event with 3 options: Time: approx 9am–4pm.
Contact Joel Heimbuck.

Rowell Ranch Rodeo[Offsite Link]

Saturday, May 20
Time approx 11:30am–9pm.
Contact David Lofgren.

Suggestions for more Out ’n About adventures are welcome! Contact Tom Hoegel, Joel Heimbuck, Marianne Nadell, Molly Schrey, Patricia Myerholtz, Paul Baldwin, Jules Kurtz or David Lofgren if you have any questions.
This page will be updated as more information becomes available.