Out and About Adventures — Upcoming

Mt Umunhum
Mt Umunhum Hike, November 2017
Monterey Kayak
Make Your Own Adventure, Monterey, June 2017
Rodeo horse
PRCA Rodeo at Rowel Ranch, May 2017

Out & About is a ministry of Bethel Lutheran Church crafted to provide fellowship activities for Bethel members and friends. The interval of events is monthly and we vary the offerings to be inclusive of different age groups and physical abilities. Most are open to all ages, but occasionally we’ll program adult-only events. On all of our outings, a new attendee gets to ride the bus for free. Please invite lots—this is a great way for folks to check out this community called Bethel.

Escape from the Werewolf Village

Escape from the Werewolf Village

Sunday, January 14

Escape from the Werewolf Village – Holiday Edition[Offsite Link] – There is no Christmas, unless you find the werewolf! Join us for this fun event.

You, smart sophisticated detectives, are summoned to solve the mystery of a village where werewolves attack people night by night. As the villagers disappear one by one, you can feel the fangs of the werewolves getting closer and closer to you. Can you reveal all the mysteries in time, and escape the Werewolf Village?

11 people Maximum – Ages 13+. For more information, see these videos:
https://youtu.be/7Rw-8Vos2p0[Offsite Link]
https://youtu.be/cQA4kdV-KYI[Offsite Link]

Meet: Leave the Bethel parking lot at 2:30pm
Cost: $30 (Cash or check made out to “Bethel Lutheran Church”)
Event Duration: 1.5 hours
Return: Back to Bethel by 5:30-ish
Contact: Paul Baldwin

Sign up online[Offsite Link] or in the Narthex.

Suggestions for more Out ’n About adventures are welcome! Contact Tom Hoegel, Joel Heimbuck, Marianne Nadell, Molly Schrey, Patricia Myerholtz, Paul Baldwin, Jules Kurtz or David Lofgren if you have any questions.
This page will be updated as more information becomes available.